Medical Alarm Systems (2)

Medical Alarm Systems

Summary: Medical alarm systems are easy to operate lifesavers equipped with a panic button and provide a direct link to trained medical personnel or a family member.

Why does when anybody need an emergency, help is always just around the corner yet seldom would it arrive on time. Such cases are rare, miraculous notification by patients that creates very timely rescues that watching the drama unfold could make the hairs on you neck stand stiff. Nonetheless, science knows this and came up with a definitive (but not without flaws) answer. So stop glancing up the sky, wondering for the second time if miracles still happen. Once again science had lent a hand to raise the percentage of miracle rescue up a bit.

Living independently is not a moot issue, but as living alone there is always the risk of a medical emergency occurring and no one will be near to dispatch help. To counter this issue, medical alarm systems came to the manufacturers’ attention. These medical alarm systems are easy to reach and operate with a panic button that provides a direct link to trained medical personnel.

Some medical alarm systems offers a bit more, just like ResponseLink. ResponseLink is one of those personal emergency response team that provides 24/7 emergency monitoring, personalized voice response by trained professionals if the patient is still coherent, notification of the designated emergency contacts, communication to the dispatched emergency response personnel, daily medication monitoring, daily check-in and wellness verification, medication compliance monitoring, daily health reminders and verification monitoring like blood pressure and insulin, wake-up call / check-in, and monitored smoke detection. This medical alarm system is more directed to the elderly clientele.

The 24 hour service of ResponseLink is available for $34.95 per month which includes the two way voice equipment. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $50.00. You simply return the equipment when you no longer have a need for it. If you are interested to seek their services, contact them at 800-894-1428 or you could log on their website:

Are there medical alarm systems that don’t have the annoying monthly fees? Monitoring fees may be very convenient but it leeches away too much money. There is this medical alarm system that dials for emergency help when you can’t. The Panic Button & Medical Alarm Auto Dialer gives you and your loved ones peace of mind by automatically dialing up to 9 phone numbers you pre-select at the press of the “panic” button. Once the Emergency Medical Alarm Auto Dialer dials a number, it plays a maximum of 40-second recorded message before going on the next list, ensuring all the pre-selected numbers are notified. The emergency auto dialer features a 2-way communication capability if the stricken patient is still coherent.

So how much do these nifty medical alarm systems cost? It’s only $240 at